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Mia Bolton

Mia Bolton

Mia Bolton humbly created Lady Days in 2015 as a personal project. With an unwavering belief that strong and diverse womxn haven’t been appreciated enough in mainstream media, she interviewed friends who represented a new side to the traditional surfer girl. She simultaneously worked at Mixte Communications, where she directed media relations and communications strategy for up to 12 grassroots environmental and social justice organizations including Environmental Health Coalition, San Diego Organizing Project, the San Diego County Bike Coalition and the North American Bikeshare Association. Through this work, she deepened her commitment to justice and it has undoubtedly shaped the future of Lady Days.

Today, Lady Days celebrates womxn who push societal boundaries and live with authenticity, resilience and a deep commitment to helping others in the way that is truest to them. It is our honor to share the stories of womxn of all ages, professions, ethnicities, religions, cultures, sexual orientations and walks of life.

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